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Welcome to the Event Medical Team Page – this is intended for internal use only and is commercial in confidence.

Red Medical is booked to be onsite for:

  • Saturday 29th June 2024 // 0700 – 2200 hours
  • Sunday 30th June 2024 // 0700 – 2030 hours

They will inform the Event Director (Mat Lock) when they arrive on site and will not be stood down until this has been confirmed by the same.

Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre (MCEC): 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006.

Access to MCEC via the front entrance or the underground car park. When first arriving please go to the HYROX Customer Support desk located in the concourse area to receive an event wristband (required to access the race halls).

The race area is Halls 1-10, accessible via Concourse Door 4.

Event Director – Mat Lock
0477 550 393

Assistant Event Director – Charlotte Thompson
0411 577 434

MCEC Security
For non-emergency security enquiries dial ext. 8333 (or 9235 8333 from any phone) or in any emergency dial 6666 internally from the nearest house phone

The primary means of communicating for emergency response during race operations is via Personal radios; Channel 1 (displayed as HYROX ANZ).

The radios and ear-pieces will be issued upon arrival of the Medical Team and are to be monitored at all times during race operations. Each member of the Medical Team is to have their own radio and ear-piece.

The HYROX team will be briefed that, in the event of their requiring Medical support, they will start the radio message with, “Medical, Medical, Medical” followed by their location.

The Event Director team from HYROX will be monitoring Channel 1 and will also respond to add operational support, as required.

For general, non-emergency communications in the lead up to, and during race operations, is via a dedicated WhatsApp group. The Medical Team should join the Medical WhatsApp group using the QR code below.

medical group

The intentions of the Medical Operations at this event is:

  • To provide medical cover for all HYROX participants, crew and spectators
  • To provide a static medical point located between the RoxZone and Spectator Area
  • To have a dedicated medical room for privacy and confidentiality of patients
  • To provide medical cover at the medical zone and medical room to ensure that, where possible, patients are treated on scene or referred to appropriate secondary care via appropriate pathways

  • To ensure that, where appropriate, a patient unable to walk can be transported from their location to on-site medical facilities (or, if required, off site hospitals
  • To record all medical treatments appropriately so that statistics can be compiled, and the legal interests of all medical and HYROX staff are best protected
Medical Team Process Flow

Note: If a patient needs to be transported to a hospital it will be up to the most senior clinician (paramedic) on-site to decide if the patient is going to be transported via public ambulance or another means such as with family/friends in a car.

The following personnel will be provided by Red Medical:

  • 3 x Registered Paramedics
  • 3 x First Responder Medics

They are to operate in 3 teams, each comprising a paramedic and first responder medic.

  • 1 x stationed at the Medical Zone within the race hall
  • 1 x roving within the race hall
  • 1 x stationed at the Medical Room

They will come equipped with the following:

  • First aid & medical bag
  • Trauma bag
  • Medications
  • Defibrillator
  • Wheelchair
  • Stretcher

This equipment will be deployed within the teams as deemed appropriate by the most senior medical technician.

The Medical Team will provide cover within the race venue – Halls 1 – 10 as per the below floor plan.

Medical Zone: There is a dedicated Medical Zone located within the race venue for c/w seating & space for basic patient treatment and triage. This Zone is connected to the RoxZone and Spectator Area. It is marked with a highly visible inflatable tower and should be staffed at all times.

Medical Room: There is also a dedicated Medical Room for extended patient treatment and/or ambulance escalations. This is located at the Organiser Office 1.2 (per the floor plan) which is accessible from within the race hall (door unlocked) or from the Concourse Area (door pin: 205151).


If required, Red Medical will call Ambulance Victoria for assistance.

Red Medical should then immediately advise the Event Director (WhatsApp Medical group) and MCEC security (6666 on house phone).

MCEC security will meet the ambulance staff at the front entrance doors and bring them to the medical room (Organiser Office 1.2) to ensure there are no delays.

🏥 The Royal Melbourne Hospital – open 24 hours // emergency care
300 Grattan Street, Parkville. Vic 3050
03 9342 7000

🏥 St Vincents Hospital Melbourne – open 24 hours // emergency care
41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy. Vic 3065
03 9231 2211

🏥 The Alfred – open 24 hours // emergency care
55 Commercial Road, Melbourne. Vic 3004
03 9076 2000

Every patient contact MUST be recorded on the event log and any patient treatment must be recorded on a Patient Report Form. All Red Medical personnel will have access to the event log and Patient Report Forms.

Every Patient Report Form will have:

  • Patients name
  • Date of birth
  • Details of injury
  • Details of treatment
  • Outcome (if they return to the event this must be stated)
  • Destination – if transported – or handed over to another medical provider

All clinical data must be retained and available to the HYROX Event Director should a formal request be made and in line with patient confidentiality requirements.

Red Medical is responsible for the disposal of its own clinical waste which should be done at the end of each event day.

HYROX will provide official food vouchers that are redeemable at the following outlets during the event.

  • MCEC Shed Café
  • Barista Bar
  • Food Truck – Soul Bowl
  • Food Truck – Taco Station

Each Red Medical team member will receive 2 x AUD 10.00 vouchers per 8 hour period. These will be available from the Race Office Manager – Deb Weeks onsite.

Filtered, chilled water will be available on demand via a water fountain within the race hall. As HYROX is seeking to limit the use of single use plastic bottles, Red Medical personnel are to provide their own water bottles for refilling.

There are multiple car parks within the immediate vicinity of MCEC.

Of note Wilson Parking offer affordable & secure parking at Melbourne Exhibition Centre Car Park, located at 16 Normanby Rd, Southbank VIC 3006.

Open 7 days, this undercover car park provides convenient access to nearby Melbourne Exhibition Centre, DFO South Wharf and South Wharf Promenade.

Offering Hourly, All Day, Weekend and Night Parking options with exclusive discounts when you book online.

The 🔗 to the Wilson Parking site is HERE.

Screenshot 2024 01 23 at 09.32.25

Security control rooms are located at both the Convention and Exhibition Centres.

  • Convention Centre: +61 3 9235 8333
  • Exhibition Centre: +61 3 9235 8332

In an emergency, dial extension 6666 from any house phone or +61 3 9235 6666.

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