Prepare for HYROX

Race Day

Race Day

HYROX has been created as the Fitness Race for Every Body, but, it’s still a race that requires training and preparation in strength and endurance:  8 x 1km of running and 8 x functional workouts! It is the ultimate challenge for your mind and body with natural skills and movements tested to the maximum.  Together with Mintra Tilly, who designed the race, we provide you with tips & tricks to help you prepare.

50% is Running

Some love it, others rather not think about it! A HYROX race consists of 8 kilometres of running, split into 8 x 1 kilometre. So get that running into your training and build up your cardio, as you will be racing for an average of 90 minutes.  It is also important to experience running after working the legs and arms, so simulate that Race Experience at home or in the gym.  Ever wondered how you run after pushing a sled for 50 metres? Or after your heart rate spikes during 80m of Burpee Broad Jumps. Be sure to mix up your training and you’ll start to enjoy running on compromised legs more and more…

Learn the Movement Standards

It is important to familiarise yourself with the HYROX movement standards so that you train the exercises using the correct techniques and avoid potential injuries. There’s no substitute for practising at your gym, learning how to perfect the techniques so you can be as safe, fast and efficient as you can.

Don't Start Too Fast

It’s not our first rodeo and we see this rookie error over and over again! The red mist of race day appears and participants run their personal best in the first kilometre and then push hard through the SkiErg… Who wouldn’t? The energy, the atmosphere, the music, friends and family cheering you on… However, it’s an endurance event, and can be compared to a half marathon or an Olympic distance triathlon. So pace yourself, find your cadence, control your heart rate, and your results will speak for themselves.

Rest, Eat and Hydrate

During your training in the build-up to your race, and on race day, don’t forget to focus on recovery, nutrition and hydration. Specifically, on race day, you may be arriving a few hours before your start time to cheer on your mates. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, and before you know it, it is time for you to warm up and get to the Start Zone.  So have a plan, bring a water bottle and make sure you stay hydrated so that you’re ready to show the world what you’ve got.

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